Force Mobile

It’s a attendance tracking application based on ios and android platform, employee can punch there attendance from different work location, track there work time, leave application. The application aims to be simple and intuitive in order to create feeling of trust.

UI,UX / Iphone / Android

Simplicity of the application help workers to easily punch there daily attendance from there different work location,Managers can also enter of there whole team. Managment of employee becomes easy for company by using this application Time card, Employee Schedule, Leave Managment, Accruals, Prefrences are all included in the app which makes it a package of employee managment.

Our Contribution

  • Created design & branding of application in both the platform i.e ios & android design platform.
  • We have created wireframe, story boarding of the inital ideas and convert theminto high fidelity visual mockups.
  • Improved usability, accessibility and intereaction of the application and maintained consistency of the system.
  • Incorporated features and information that are important to the user also byunderstanding the company’s business goals.


On-Demand 360 degree solution

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