UXD (User Experience Design)

MobitPlus follows user-centric experience design practices in all the applications developed by us. Keeping the end user right in the centre for the design process means that the applications are highly usable, reduced cognitive load for the users, reduced unforced errors and a holistic human-computer interaction (HCI).

Our process of UX designs starts from consolidation of business requirements, understanding the end user goals, context of use of the application and then using this information to formulate an information architecture. Information design in terms of paper prototypes and interactive wireframes followed by visual design concludes this exercise. Our information and interaction design outcomes are tested and debated several times to find any loopholes and to eliminate flow disruptions by unforced errors.

Software & Database Development

How we develop software – Agile / Sprint / Tech stacks / Architecture Diagram
Tech Stack – SQL / NoSQL / Architecture Diagram

AWS for hosting

Leveraging on AWS for scalability, load balancing and clustering, disaster management – lower RTO/RPO / Architecture Diagram
We have designed our project execution flow in a way that the clients are engaged in every step of the way till we have a functional prototype of the software to ensure a timely delivery and bug free applications.

Modular Approach

We develop software with a focus on keeping technologies in line with modular 5 tier software development model.


MobitPlus provides web and mobile software solutions from Startups and SMEs. We offer our services with a range of ready-solutions, latest open-source frameworks and bespoke software development.

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