Illuminati Magic Pty Ltd.

Illuminati is product company which is building products for magicians such as cards, dices etc. We helping them to achieve there goal to become a market leader, we build there mobile, iwatch application which help them to connect there physical & digital product.

UX | Mobile | iWatch | IOT

We designed the relationship between the product and magicians, thanks to the interface they can view which trick they are performing, change settings of different products and tricks, by this way improve there performance and connection to audience.

Our Contribution

  • We have designed application for iphone & iwatch based on design guideline and client requirement.
  • Interface is kept minimal & artistic, which help magicians to understand & setup coordination of different devices quickly.
  • We have created design guideline, which help them to setup there branding throught the devices.
  • For magician performance is everything, just like there audience we help them to deliver competitive advantage where it counts.

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