Empower Foundation
It’s a non-profit organization which help empowernment of vulnerable section of the society throught education and training.These projects focus on capacity building of the participants in order to make them self-dependent. There main target beneficiaries are women, adolescents, youth, domestic workers, and various other marginalized communities & groups.
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    Empower Foundation was incepted in 2013 and started its operations from Delhi NCR in 2014. It is registered under Section 25 of Indian Companies Act, 1956 (12A and 80G certified.

Designed web presence for the foundation, the site is fully responsive provide the same information in all the platforms. For workflow fluidity, we have tend to create and maintain a GUI board during the project that indicates typography rules, color theme and interaction details which is shared with all team members. Our design approaches take into account current overall design.
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